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          BASDA 1.5 T superconductive MRI makes a grand appearance in the “The Belt and Road” country again!


          Kyrgyzstan lies in the middle of the Ancient Economic Silk Road. At one time, the people of the city, the Huingas, trekked thousands of miles along the Tianshan mountains to Chang 'an, the capital of the tang dynasty, with horses and furs, and returned with fine silk and porcelain. When President Xi Jinping first proposed the great initiative of jointly building the silk road economic belt in central Asia, Kyrgyzstan was one of the first countries to support and participate in the construction of the "the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road" (The belt and road), and it is also a firm supporter and active participant in the construction of the "The Belt and Road". Today, China has become kyrgyzstan's largest trading partner, largest source of imports and largest source of investment. BASDA 1.5T superconductive magnetic resonance (MRI) has been installed in the centuried the Belt and Road country- Kyrgyzstan, following in the Philippines installation.

          From Irkshtan customs on his way to the hospital


          From the Sulaiman mountain overlooks the beautiful old city

           Boxes of equipment safely landed


          The installation and commissioning work was proceeded by BASDA engineers after the equipment landed in hospital. After about two weeks of system testing, It was perfectly deliver to customer. The image quality of the equipment is very ideal, which has won unanimous praise from the hospital. The hospital also sent us a recommendation letter at the first time. 


          As the hospital's first 1.5t superconductive magnetic resonance, the hospital staffs took photos one after another


          Excellent quality, outstanding performance and reasonable price are the reasons for customers to choose BASDA products, as well as our pressure and motivation. Therefore, we will continue to make efforts to constantly improve products and technology, actively respond to national policies, and constantly use excellent products to help “The Belt and Road" countries to improve the quality of medical services!


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