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          Philippine’s High-end hospital medical staff installed BASDA superconductive MRI BSTAR-150


          On August 20th 2018, The Philippine’s High-end hospital medical staff installed BASDA superconductive MRI-BSTAR-150.

          This is first of 1.5 TESLA MRI system in the Philippine, which upgrades the hospital’s fundamental instrument structure.

          Superconductive MRI Bstar-150 is a new generation of superconductive MRI that based on research & development and clinical experience, applicable to all parts of the body, fully meet the central nervous system, abdominal, pelvic cavity etc.

          It is with Golden-ratio design magnet. A long magnet will make the patient feel depressed during examination while a short magnet will greatly decrease the homogeneity. The “golden-ratio” design magnet is the elegant balance between both.

          Its smart control screen mounted on the gantry, helps the operator to confirm the table position and patient status in real-time, increases the daily patient flow.

          Dual side operation panel, the operator can operate the system at both sides of the magnet, saves the positioning time, increase the daily patient flow.

          Having been operating about 8 months now, it is Bstar-150’s high quality that earns sincerely complement from our Philippine’s client, they say our product- Bstar 150: “With its high performance cost ratio, help more common people get better medical diagnostic treatment at a lower price cost, for not only the rich but also the poor. It is like godsend treasure for human being.”

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