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          Africa eagle installed BASDA’s superconductor

          Here is the African ancient country with more than two thousand years culture.

          Here is the largest population country with the first economic entity in Africa.

          Here is honored as the place where the African eagle soars freely. 

          In 2013, President XI JINPING made a speech at Nyerere Convention Centre in Tanzania.

          He takes Africa asHope Continent,Developing Hot Land, Speedup running lionIn 2016, at AU Conference Center in Addis Ababa, Premier LI KEQIANG ;takes Africa as world three importances:importance at World political arena;New importance for the global economic developingAnd the colorful importance for human civilization.

          The two speeches concentratively reflected Chinese government and its people’s deep understanding, accurate appraisal and high expectations on African position, role, status and prospects, constituted a unique Chinese perspective and feelings of "African View." And BASDAs eye of superconductorductor also provides superior product and service for the Africa eagle soaring place. BASDA is one of the first manufacturers who has successfully developed the medical superconductorductive MRI in China.

          And superconductorductive MRI Bstar-150 is the whole new generation MRI product of BASDA with characters of modern design, excellent performance, high patient comfort as well as advanced patient-care techniques. It adopts international advanced hardware and software, scanning sequence and imaging technology, formed its stability and excellent performance, provides high SNR, high resolution, high contrast clinical imaging,as well as faster scanning speed, larger FOV, superior image quality, plenty of pulse sequences and more abundant imaging methods. Excellent magnetic filed uniformity and stability,large bore diameter, appropriate for obese patients and difficult scan parts. Both magnet monitoring and notifying system greatly reduce the risk of system troubleshooting. Gradient subsystem adopts special noise reduction technology, reduced gradient noise to 2/3. It provides friendly scanning environment; Meanwhile, it also adopts self-shielding gradient system to avoid eddy current of metal shielding layers and make accurate spatial code for the magnet signal;This system is equipped with automatic temperature inspection function. It will stop scanning to protect the hardware when temperature is high. The system has the monitoring system for all accessories. The powerful RF amplifier provides more powerful MR excitation energy, laid a solid foundation for multiple pulse sequences. Fool-proof coil connector design guarantees a longer lifetime.

          Multi-coils for different parts are available for clinical scanning. In order to install the first superconductorductor Bstar-150 successfully, let the people in Africa use superconductor, the advanced international medical imaging device, carry on President XI JINPINGs economic strategythe Belt and Road Initiativesand extend the Chinese heartrapidly, BASDA’s engineers overcame language barrier, harsh environment, successfully installed the machine in Nigeria. Meanwhile, professional operation and maintenance training are provided to assure the local engineers can operate and maintain the machine independently.

          Installation and debugging

          Clinical examination

          Took a group photo

          The installation of the first superconductive MRI Bstar-150 has won not only the reliability of African people, but also the overall recognition of BASDA’s brand in the African market.This has laid another foundation of being a China-leading, internationally renowned brand in the world!

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