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          SINO-INDIAN Medical symposium on international exchange and cooperation

          July 20th, China and India medical production and use of international exchanges and cooperation in the forum was held in Longgang, Shenzhen. India medical equipment inspection group, a line of 16 people and BASDA medical company and other more than and 10 Chinese medical device companies have a discussion exchange, to discuss cooperation projects. 

          The meeting is the main purpose of building China and India between the two countries medical production with academic and technical exchanges, the India government, medical institutions purchase business to better understand China enterprise medical technology, product quality and service level of customer service. Facilitate inter firm mutual learning, exchange and cooperation, and then build China and India countries on medical equipment, medical investment and other areas of in-depth cooperation platform.

          At the meeting, the delegation of India detailed description of the purpose of this study and procurement requirements, and the medical situation in India were introduced. Besta medical China enterprises according to the requirements of the delegation made a reply, explain product solutions for the delegation, and hope that both sides to carry out more in-depth cooperation in the framework of The Belt and Road ".

          Speech on behalf of the delegation of India

          Introduction to the solution of BASDA medical products

          BASDA medical chairman Peng Jianzhong said that India is a charity friendly country, BASDA as including medical imaging, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine product line of high-end medical equipment production enterprises should make full use of the "The Belt and Road" strategic opportunity for development, based on the company when the top more than and 50 countries and regions are high-end medical coverage, play Chinese instrument of foreign cooperation bridgehead role, the long-term medical production by docking and investment cooperation established with India, let India government, medical institutions in the understanding of China medical technology and products at the same time, to obtain excellent medical products Chinese service. 

          Mr. Peng Jianzhong spoke at the conference

          The India delegation visited the BASDA Medical Products Exhibition Center

          Understand the BASDA open type superconducting magnetic resonance

          Experience the BASDA medical superconducting products


          Experience the BASDA medical ultrasound products

          After the meeting, the India delegation highly of the BASDA China excellent medical equipment enterprises, highly recognized Besta for excellent R & D capability and product quality, both sides said India and China in the field of medical devices can have a higher level of cooperation and development. 



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