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          Location: Explain Legal notice

                You are welcome to visit and use BASDA site. If you intend to continue to browse and use this web site, indicate that you agree to abide by the following terms of use. SHENZHEN BASDA MEDICAL APPARATUS CO.,LTD. Reserves the right to change and the implementation of these provisions. This website terms of use in Chinese and English two version of the book. If you have any conflict, Chinese and English version please the Chinese version shall prevail.

          1, the disclaimer

                 This website carries the text, images, pictures, design, data, opinions, Suggestions, web page or link (such as "information") is only for your reference. BASDA does not guarantee the accuracy of the data and information, completeness, sufficiency, timeliness and reliability; No deviation of these data and information, errors or omissions. For your reliance on the information on this web site and information to make any decisions, any action taken by you personally or you represent institutions to take risks, BASDA is not liable. BASDA reserve data and information on this site at any time to modify, update, and delete, without prior notice. Retained in this website has links to third-party websites or web site only for your convenience, it doesn't mean the BASDA to the link shown in the recognition and recommend any product and service, also is not used for publicity or advertising purposes. BASDA does not guarantee that these links are provided on any information and data and the accuracy, completeness, sufficiency, timeliness and reliability.

          2, copyright and trademark statement

                BASDA of all information contained in this site and information (including but not limited to text, design, pictures, diagrams, interface, program code, documentation, etc.) with copyright or licensing based, are protected by the copyright law in China and other countries and regions. Without prior written permission of the holder of the BASDA or other, any individuals or institutions, organizations, shall not be of any data and information on this site in whole or in part to copy, modify, translate, distribute, reproduced, broadcast, with super link connection or convey information, stored in a retrieval system, or used for any commercial purpose. Website use and display all trademarks, logo, slogan and service mark belongs to the BASDA in China and other countries and regions in the trademark or registered trademark of or based on the license. Any content contained in the website should not be regarded as to any express or implied given to use the trademark, logo, trade name or trademark, logo, and the approximation of trade name right or license.

          3, provide product or service statement

                 Through the information provided by this website and the information with international, not all products or services mentioned in this web site are available in your country or region, please contact your local sales representative or agent to confirm related products or services.

          4, website, personal registration information statement

                 If you provide the registration or subscription required personal information, electronic information indicates you already know and accept your personal information in order to achieve the specific purpose use. In addition, BASDA may also be based on the law, the government department required to provide your personal information.

          5, the application of law

                 Access to and use of this web site related behaviors and the resulting any dispute bound by the laws of the People's Republic of China.

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